Eikona Solutions is a set of consulting and fractional CTO services for hire specializing in Web3, Game Development, Interactive 3D Media, Systems Design, and more.


We offer a tech team that you can trust, lean on to develop your roadmap, and hire for only a fraction of the cost.

Eikona NFT Solutions

Eikona provides a variety of NFT specific solutions for your 3D modeling, animation, and GameFi needs. See below some of the tiers we offer. Don’t see what you are looking for? Get in touch with us for a quote!

Tier 1

Eikona will convert a 2D NFT collection to 3D, align and format 3D models, run extensive Python script to read JSONS, and prepare models for AR use and more.

Tier 2

In addition to all Tier 1 features, Eikona will animate as many models as you want with as many animations as you want and create rendered videos with preferred models.

Tier 3

In addition to all Tier 2 features, Eikona will provide 1 on 1 consultation and use our in house 3D modeler to make your vision a reality! You will also gain access to our Affiliate Program.

*The base fee for all packages is $2000, all fees are negotiable

*Modeling works best with humanoid figures

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