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Former NFT collection turned Web 3.0 consulting firm and product suite, Eikona Technologies works to connect the physical to the digital. The general confusion and ambiguity surrounding the World of Web 3.0 is the most prominent reason individuals fail to enter this industry. The team at Eikona Technologies mission is to alleviate this struggle.

With a multitude of products and services including SOAR (Scan-to-Earn), Lenz AR Display, NFT Development, GameDev, 3D Animation, and various educational tools, our goal is to assist the public in taking their first step into the divide.

In essence, Eikona Technologies is a consulting firm, creative studio, and platform for those looking to take their first step into the World of Web 3.0. Eikona Technologies provides entities with the opportunity to digitally transform and reinvent their products/services without the steep learning curve.

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Eikona Technologies recognizes the various barriers of entry for the Web 3.0 industry. It’s quickly evolving and there’s a lack of public information for individuals and companies who wish to learn more about this space. With this in mind, below are links dedicated towards educational information and articles we find helpful for staying informed.