Eikona is a safe, simple, and fun way to onboard newcomers into the world of crypto currency through a game that uses popular principles as seen in Pokemon Go, Ingress, and Geocaching to get people outside, involved with other members of the community, and mint their first NFT.


What's Eikona?

Eikona is looking to be an ecosystem of NFT treasure hunting around the globe. Using Geolocation to hide certain objects/items, our AR Figurines to be able to help guide people through clues, and your favorite NFT collections stored through the Solana Blockchain, both the crypto community and non-members of the crypto community will be able to partake in this worldwide scavenger hunt.

Wait, What's A GeoFig?

GeoFigs are a unique collection of 10,000 randomly generated 3D generated NFTs. Within the Eikona app, they will be able to be placed somewhere in the world tagged by geolocation. The owner of that GeoFig can then declare a hunt for members of the community to follow along the GeoFig by figuring out clues and riddles for users to follow. If the end of the quest is reached and the GeoFig is found, there will be rewards for the seekers and hiders including but not limited to a stash of NFTs to be able to choose one from. This will become more defined as we shape the ecosystem based on both the community’s intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

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