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Fractionalized CTO Services

Being apart of a Web 3.0 startup is no walk in the park.
Take it from us, we've done it a number of times and want to provide our unique Fractionalized CTO services to you!

In order to influence innovation and help projects succeed within the Web 3.0 space, Eikona Technologies provides a list of development and tech services for hire.

General Descriptions

1. Develop Business Objectives aligned with Company Vision and Goals
2. Implement Optimized Tech Stack for Particular Business Case
3. IT Team Management and Consultation
4. Schedule Tech Deliverables in conjunction with other Departments
5. Operations Advisory Regarding Tech Management
6. Product/Project/Service Tech Management
7. Business Model Scaling & Improvements

We offer a tech team that you can trust, lean on to develop your roadmap, and hire for only a fraction of the cost.

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