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Eikona Technologies provides Strategic Web 3.0 Planning for all business types. Below is our plan for building and developing our Web 3.0 services specifically for you!

Whether you want the entire package or assistance in specific areas, we will cater a plan that works best for your project and vision.

What We Offer

  • Assess and Organize

    Asses your organizations state and resources you are bringing onto your next steps into Web 3.0.

  • Environmental Assessment

    Analyze where your niche best fits into the world of Web 3.0. We identify which chains and demographics are most ready for what your company is ready to bring.

  • Strategic Formulation

    After assessing which corners of Web 3.0 are most compatible, our team will then work with your organization to identify the most scalable direction for your roadmap and curate a strategy that promotes long-term growth.

  • Strategic Planning

    Once your organization decides which strategy best suits your vision, our team will  start planning out the roadmap. This will entail identifying realistic goals and timelines and resource budgets for fundraising, building, and deployment.

  • Execution

    From here, depending on whether you've contacted our team for services or  strategy creation, we will help oversee the execution process until deployment.

  • Performance Management

    Once you are a part of the Eikona Technologies family, we like to make sure that our strategies are scaling/growing as intended. Our team provides analytics on all strategies we helped implement, cross-listed with data from all our projects to help ensure the most successful outcome for our clients.

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